Ricoh CX1 Review: A Photographer's Compact Point and Shoot

Where most other camera companies are going for 720p video in their nicer point-and-shoots, Ricoh added more photo-centric features to the CX1: in-camera HDR, high-speed sequential shooting and razor-sharp macro. We've tested, and we like. » 5/07/09 11:10am 5/07/09 11:10am

Toughcam Battle: Canon PowerShot D10 vs. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1

Both Panasonic and Canon announced their first water- and shock-proof compact toughcams earlier this year, and we've taken them underwater for a test. Which is better for capturing your summertime antics both wet AND wild? » 4/29/09 4:40pm 4/29/09 4:40pm

Latest Android Cupcake 1.5 Build Gets Video Walkthrough

It usually takes me about 60-90 seconds to eat a cupcake; this guy took about 10 minutes with his. On view: the new camcorder function, soft keyboard, browser improvements and YouTube uploads. » 4/28/09 12:26pm 4/28/09 12:26pm